Friday, 27 February 2009

So much more to smile about ......

Spring is on its way as evidenced by the view from my craft room window - I couldn't resist taking a photo when I came home just after midday to the noise of a tractor ploughing the field at the back of our house - and I thought it would be nice to show you what I look out onto each day when I am in my 'happy space'.

This is the strikingly beautiful card I received from my friend Louise and spoke about in my previous post - I love it - pink being one of my favourite colours - the inside is decorated, as was the envelope - I think the layout is great and it has helped me with a project I have been trying to pull together for a young girl's crafty birthday party I have very soon.

As you can see the inside is as lovely as the outside - and I shall treasure it - thank you Louise x

Tess Update: Progress is steady and she is taking all her tablets even the horrible antacid preparation which Charlie has to syringe gently into her mouth to coat her tummy before she has a little of her special diet food. She is so used to having little tidbits during the day that it is difficult to remember that she is poorly and really mustn't have them just for the moment - her brown eyes are so very appealing - but all in good time.

Thank you for popping by once again - particularly if you came back to view Louise's card and read a Tess Update.



  1. Hi Bridgette! I just arrived back from Germany, and I'm so happy to hear about Tess! Great that she is steady and at home with you!
    On the kitchen table was a parcel waiting for me.. :)
    Thank you so much for the lovely goodies and the kind letter! Ofcourse I'll pop back here!
    X, Ava

  2. Glad you liked the card but more pleased to hear tessie is doing well.Your happy place view looks very relaxing to craft with wish mine was like that I just look onto the patio which ends up reminding me I need to sort it out.

  3. Love your Happy Space photograph...that looks like Emmerdale!
    Perhaps we should all put photos form our craft room window..I look out onto a kiddies play area..great for when my little one is outside.
    Glad to hear pooch is being good.


Is there anyone out there? Your comments let me know that I am not alone in my 'happy space' - which is very reassuring. Thank you.