Friday, 25 December 2009

Happy Christmas to you all .............

................. and I hope that you have enjoyed your perfect Christmas Day whether surrounded by friends, family or just that special someone, as long as it was the sort of day you were hoping for with no undue pressure to strive for perfection - our day was relaxed, just the three of us - we are with friends tomorrow and then I go back to work on Sunday.

Speaking of work, I ordered bags of energy from Santa so I'm hoping for great things from here on in - no seriously, it is definitely getting better - I know my stamina levels are increasing. Although I have so missed catching up regularly with friends, blogging on here and crafting in general but I will be making realistic New Year resolutions which I shall do my utmost to keep - SU is still so much a part of any free time I have - I love it - and thank you for your support during the last year and particularly for the last couple of months while I have been finding my feet - you all make my crafting an absolute joy which never fails to make me smile and lift my spirits.

So I am wishing you all good health, prosperity and happiness thro'out 2010 and may nothing befall you that is beyond your capabilities and if you feel it is may you have the strength to rise to the challenge, succeed and note with pride your ability to cope with all that life throws your way - Bridgette xxx