Thursday, 14 January 2010

Opps ..... where, oh where, has my title gone?!!

Oh dear, I fancied a bit of a change and was admiring Lou's background so I changed mine but now I can't put my header back - I will work on it and see what I can come up with - I some how need to be able to fill the space with my title but don't know how to move it about - I think I will have to consult my Google Blog for Dummies book lol.

On the SU side I have been busy, honestly, and now that it is Sale-a-bration it is a great time to collect some free stamp sets - if you haven't got your brochure or you need to find out more visit the Stampin' Up! website and take a peek. In the meantime I shall work on getting the details on here for you all to see.

Hopefully now that the New Year is underway it will see me returning to blogging on a more regular basis - I know that a few of you keep stopping by, if only on the way to somewhere else, so thank you for that - it gives me a little base on which to rebuild.

Sending a hug to all my crafty friends - Bridgette xxx