Monday, 2 February 2009

Priceless Memories ..... a scrapbook project

I thought that I would post again today and share with you a project that I made a little while ago but something which I never tire of looking at - a star book of my little star. It was my first attempt and I would now like to try again but using a smaller format - hopefully by the end of the week before our Scrapcrop Group meets on Saturday - so I'm throwing down a gauntlet for myself as I've been meaning to do it for a while - and now I've told all of you I'd better pick it up!!
The first page shows my husband, Charlie and our little boy John, on Father's Day - I have always tried to ensure that there is a photograph of the day as I plan to compile just a scrapbook of Father's Days eventually - the opposite page shows them at the Ferrari factory at Maranello - both love sports cars so it was a dream day for them.

The second page is showing John where he is happiest - outside and up a tree - preferably in commando outfit - although to be fair this was two plus years ago but not much has changed.

The third page is taken whilst travelling down to Italy - we had stopped for lunch, Switzerland I think, and John had spotted this HUGE bear and couldn't resist giving it a cuddle - the poem always makes me stop and think how precious each year is as it passes us by - sometimes in too much of a rush - definitely a case of making time to stop and smell the roses.
The fourth page shows our two beautiful Labrador dogs that came to us just when they were most needed via The Labrador Lifeline Trust nearly three years ago - they were our lifeline and we were theirs - I love the special bond that is formed between a child and his or her pet no matter the size.

The last page was taken at our final destination of our Italian holiday, in Pompeii, we had visited 10 years earlier and I was so looking forward to returning and I wasn't disappointed - I loved it - in fact, I love Italy. This photo is one of my favourites and the words of the poem are thought-provoking - as parents we try to guide our children to the best of our ability and that is an awesome responsibility.

I have to say that I love scrapping as much as cardmaking - although as yet I haven't scrapped using only SU products - and with my limited stash that is a challenge.

Hope you've enjoyed having a little glimpse of my family.

Bridgette x


  1. Bridgette this beautiful and I know that your family mean the world to you but they too are blessed to have someone like you


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