Wednesday, 25 February 2009

A Tess Update

Thank goodness, I got my first look at TessieBear since Friday evening when she was rushed to the vets. She looked like Tess again - her eyes sparkling and tail wagging - although clearly looking to come home. Her tummy has a very long scar down the centre, and she's still attached to a drip - which may be removed tomorrow - Thursday. Charlie has always visited up 'til now as we were very mindful of how busy they are and how poorly Tess has been - so I was very grateful to have seen her for myself.

It is approaching midnight and turning into tomorrow (Thursday) as I type so theoretically she may be home today - depending on how things go over the course of the next 8 - 10 hours - as long as they are confident we can manage that would be wonderful.

Just a note before I go - the nurse who stayed with us while we were with Tessie today had assisted at her operations and revealed how it was 'touch and go' through out and all they could do after performing their best was to wait and see - but I had a secret weapon - all your positive thoughts, heartfelt prayers and good wishes for Tessie's recovery were so vital and whilst I may not get the opportunity to meet you all I thank you all once again - even if you didn't leave a comment but you popped back to read of her progress and said a quiet ' Hope she gets better soon' I believe it all helped - noone could convince me otherwise - thank you.

Maybe today will be the day she comes home - I'll wait and see and I'll let you know.



  1. Sending love to Tessie and you - Take care. I'll be thinking of you and praying for her to get even better soon!

  2. I am so glad Tess is well on the way to recovery and hope you are able to take her home today for some TLC ( tender loving care) and pampering :-)
    she s going to need plenty of gentle cuddles eh !! :-)

  3. What a beauty Tess is (poor little baby) & I'm so happy to hear she may be home soon (maybe already!)
    Thanks for your lovely & funny comment on my blog Bridgette - made me smile & chuckle *hugs* Steph xxx

  4. So happy she is doing better. I hope she can come home today!! Give her gentle hugs for me.


  5. Hope she can come home soon x x x


Is there anyone out there? Your comments let me know that I am not alone in my 'happy space' - which is very reassuring. Thank you.