Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Oh dear, a little tale of woe ......

Hello and a big thank you to everyone so far who has kindly had a peep at my blog and left their details to win the candy - due to close at midnight (GMT) Friday 20 February - and have you seen the counter - we have over 1500!!!!
Now, as you know I am part of Sally's downline team and she set us a small challenge - to use the colours Bashful Blue, Brilliant Blue and More Mustard - mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I thought to myself not the first set of colours my little crafting hand would reach for. Well, as I explained earlier, at Lou's Hostess Party (see my previous post) Sally kindly gave me a piece of Brilliant Blue cardstock knowing that I had none - now this was precious to me because I'm not immediately drawn to the Bold Brights colour family so it was kept safely in my bag. So far so good but what follows is a sad little tale of woe.
Well, once in my 'happy space', aka my crafting room, I set to work - nothing - not a sausage - as I pushed various bits of paper around the surface of my white base cardstock - I drew a blank. Please tell me more of you get moments like this.
I finally settled on something, because you see, even when working with quite masculine colours I am still drawn to feminine images - I ploughed on - using my only piece of precious Brilliant Blue cardstock I matted my image - I kid you not - this is virtually the size of the piece of card that I was given - you see, challenge now takes on a whole new meaning!!! I continued to shuffle the More Mustard around the image until I was blue in the face.
At this point I was physically standing in my 'happy space' but mentally I certainly wasn't there, out of sheer desperation I cut two tiny blue scraps to attach to the ends of the More Mustard strips - it offers some symmetry but I kid you not I was now seriously sad.
So I started again - the nearest blue I had was Not Quite Navy - so please just imagine it is Brilliant Blue and whilst I'm not much happier with the second version it has more to endear it to me than the first. As you can see version two is at the top and version one is below and very, very small - need I say more.

Ohhh, I nearly forgot to mention - my starter kit arrived and it is gorgeous - I was delighted with what I had chosen - the fab thing is there are elements within the Starter Kit that can be tailored more to your personality - cardstock, inks and images - so Rich Regals were my choice and I couldn't be happier.
I shall be showing you what I have been doing over the next day or so - please pop back if you can - sorry about my tale of woe above I just needed to share!!
Just a little while later .................................
Oh dear - it's now not so much a tale of woe as a case of mistaken identity - I have just checked and the colour combination was Bashful Blue, Brilliant Blue and PUMPKIN PIE not More Mustard - an altogether nicer combination - I think I shall have to pass on this one unless I can somehow use elements from what I have already made - if I manage a rescue attempt I'll show you what I come up with - I'm not holding my breath - Bridgette


  1. Aw bless, you did make me smile with this post. It is always more of a challenge when they are colours that you never usually use so I'm pleased I challenged you (even if it did go wrong for you!). I will make tomorrow's challenge a more Bridgette friendly one!!

  2. You're absolutely not the only one to have moments of "sitting and watching". I think everybody recognizes the situation you sketch!
    I like the cards. Well.. Dunno about the last one, it's so tiny :o
    The bigger one is lovely, just clean and simple and nice! :)
    X, Ava

  3. lol bridgette what are you like,you did make me laugh I can just see you stood in your craft room

  4. Hiya! I've just found your blog :o) Well done on becoming a SU demo. I tried to comment on your blog candy post but its just a blank screen that comes up!! I have linked you to my candy box and I will be back :o)


    Amanda xxx


  5. The card turned out wonderfully in the end! I hate those moments - they're happening more frequently these days!!
    Have fun with the starter kit :) xxx

  6. I think your cards are lovely! and I have more of those moments than i care to remember!
    Take care

  7. Gosh, I feel for you as this is such a 'me' thing to do!! There you were doing your very best out of your comfort zone by a million miles then after all that you got muddled!! You know that the challenges are really about the actual making of the card, trying things you've not done before etc etc, so you succeeded there didn't you? I love your card and well done for giving it a go!


Is there anyone out there? Your comments let me know that I am not alone in my 'happy space' - which is very reassuring. Thank you.