Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Accents and Elements ......

Firstly, I have to say I wish I had a fab reason for not posting, you know what I mean - a luxury weekend away, spa break or just long lazy days doing nothing - nope, just trying to catch up over the weekend and then the start of the week and Monday is always busy, but ............. I have to confess that today was nice - lovely SU parcel arrived - so I have been unpacking it and admiring the contents.
The card I have photographed to show you today was one that prompted me to buy the Accents and Elements kit - Sally, my upline, set her Stampers 10 a little challenge - she sent us some paper, a few brads and an embellishment or two and asked us to create a card - I have to say I really liked those little flowers - hence the reason I purchased the full tin - I have photographed them just to show you how many you get, the variety of shapes and the fact that they come in some of my favourite colours, Old Olive, Rose Red and Pumpkin Pie was just a bonus.
I have now taken mine from the tin and put them in their own little compartmentalised box - some unkind people say that's what should happen to me - that I should be compartmentalised or words to that effect - I don't know what they mean - I'm absolutely fine lol - sorry must dash just the brads and the buttons to do now ......

Tess Update: Wow, that little girl has amazing powers of recovery - I know she is on a cocktail of tablets but what a star - even the not nice antacid via the syringe is being tolerated by her - she really is the perfect patient - no wonder the vets thought she was so lovely - she doesn't fight to take her medicine at all it's as if she realises we are all on her side.

I will just share a memory I have of her from the walk today - she was sitting in the field, her favourite yellow ball in her mouth when she lifted her nose and really, and I mean really sniffed the air and I swear to goodness she was smiling and enjoying the wind on her fur - the doggy owners amongst us will perhaps recognise the pose - it's a classic perhaps a little like the cat that really stretches luxuriating in the warmth of the sun on her fur - are you with me now?

Tess is back to see the vet tomorrow - I hope she will be pleased with her progress. I'll let you know.
I will try not to be absent for so long again - it felt strange - but thank you if you've kept popping back - and yes, more blog candy on the way - maybe this time together we can break the 5000 barrier.


  1. OMGoodness Bridgette....you are scaring me now. I hope you've just taken them out because you are going to make something FABULOUS with the tin!

    Tess looked wonderful today :) It was great to see you too!!

  2. Lovely Card Bridgette. So glad all is well.
    Love Anne x

  3. Hi Bridgette!
    Lovely card, and those flowers are adorable indeed!
    I'm glad to hear everything is going so nice for Tess. I know some people who are not that tolerant with taking medicines as she is!
    X, Ava

  4. Hi! Bridgette, so lovely those flowers and so many in the box too.Hope Tess is still doing well?x.Thanks for bringing the Stampin'Up goodies the other day and how lovely they all are.Take care, see you soon.Big Hug, Lou.xx


Is there anyone out there? Your comments let me know that I am not alone in my 'happy space' - which is very reassuring. Thank you.