Monday, 16 March 2009

Scallop Punch - A Trio of Options ...

Well, I mentioned in my last post that I would do my best to pass on the details given to me by Charlotte Harding of Stampin' Up! at the NEC for using the scallop punch - please forgive my excitement if you already are aware of this but it was news to me and stretches the possibilities even further for this super little piece of equipment.

Punch out a scallop circle and lightly adhere it to a piece of paper - place this back in the punch and give it a twist so that the teeth sit in the middle of each scallop - and punch again - voila, a dahlia - well, that's what it reminds me of - and as you can see it resembles the one that Charlotte Harding used on her little notepad - which, by the way, is seriously cute!!

Then I thought to myself what happens if I slightly offset the second time I punch - so again starting with a scallop circle adhered to some thin paper - I repunched but this time instead of placing the teeth squarely in the centre I just offset them a little - hey presto - another variation.

Great value for money - three shapes for the price of one. Hope you managed to understand what I was trying to convey - it's all about sharing ideas with one another - and below is the original - still fab, but it's always lovely to have a trick or two up ones sleeve.

And look!!! Speaking of sharing, Steph over at has very kindly given me an award which I shall pass onto other favourite blogs as soon as I have learnt how to do it - I shall consult my Google Blogger for Dummies book in the hope of finding the information I need - but in the meantime, thank you very much Steph, it is truly appreciated.

And to all who keep popping back to check what I am doing a big thank you to you too.


  1. Love this...makes scalloped punches much more versatile.

  2. fab idea thanks for sharing Bridgette sounds like you and Lou had a great time at show

  3. Genius! The effects are lovely. I have the SU catalogue and was looking at this punch. I think I will have to get it now. Your explaination was perfect!

  4. Wow Bridgette, thank you for that, it's really lovely - can't wait to try it!
    Love Anne x

  5. How fab! an award,well done sweetie.Really pleased for you Bridgette and how you deserve it.*****Love how you have made the scallop circle do even more.Thanks for sharing it with us all.See you soon,Lou.xx

  6. That's so clever Bridgette - definately be trying that out - makes the punches an even better buy now lol xxx

  7. Wow! I love this, I'll be having a go when my little one has his nap.
    Clare x


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