Sunday, 8 March 2009

A girlie gathering of a different sort .........

Well, these girlies were very young, full of life and hopefully future crafters lol. My friend, Kirsty, entrusted me with the 'entertainment' at her daughter's party today - Kirsty is a fellow scrapper and surrounds her daughters with her creativity so a crafty party was the order of the day.

The photo shows you my examples of what we were attempting to accomplish and I have to say they were brilliant, aged only 8 they were as attentive as 8 years allows any little body to be and we managed to complete four items - the named bookmark they made is not shown - and had cake inbetween. My projects were a mixture of SU products and crafty 'stash' - I think they worked very well together.

A big thank you to Kirsty for the opportunity to meet her family, and to Sue, another fellow scrapper, who helped to keep things running smoothly for me - I don't think I would have been as relaxed without their invaluable backup.

Note for Kirsty: The carrot cake is, opps was, delicious and the birthday cake I have left for John to enjoy - oh, and the chocolate brownies, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm lol


  1. Hello! How lovely a nice girlie party,well done! I luv your cards etc that you did for your party and they must have gone home so happy with all their makes.Little girlies and big ones just like all of us LUV to play with paper and glue!What a treat chocolate brownies too.x So pleased it went well for you Bridgette, see you soon.Lou.xx.

  2. Hi Bridgette - Thanks again for your fantastic crafty party yesterday. I've spoken to one of the Mums today who loved her daughters Easter card, but who wasn't allowed to see the rest of the goodies which have been hidden away for Mother's Day. I'm not too sure the gorgeous little gift box will still be full of chocolates by then! The girls, Sue and I had a wonderful time; Chloe LOVED it. I think you might just have a new generation of converts!
    Love Kirsty ;-) I'll make brownies for April mtg.


Is there anyone out there? Your comments let me know that I am not alone in my 'happy space' - which is very reassuring. Thank you.