Saturday, 20 June 2009

Fete News

Well, it's all done and dusted now - and it was such alot of fun and so relaxing - it was really lovely to sit next to Lou for several hours chatting to people about Stampin' Up, giving out details about the craft classes and the workshop we have planned for August, letting people see the products and more importantly have a play with them if they wanted to.

Everyone was very enthusiastic and loved the mini catalogue and we gave out the techinique booklet and details about the benefits of having a party - it really was all about getting the name known - we will definitely be doing some more events to keep casting the net wider and wider.

Now I have to confess I really do not like having my photograph taken - and I don't think Lou is much better than me - but well, I did say that I would take a photo and I actually took two and this is the better one - lovely of Lou, not so great of me lol.



  1. Hello Bridgette, I'm so glad it went well - it all looks very professional but I knew that it would! Love the photograph by the way - so lovely to see my friend x
    I'm still on the face of the earth but not much time for crafting recently, still, never mind it will soon be the holidays.
    Take care, I love looking at your blog x x x

  2. Well done Bridgette...sounds like you had a more relaxing day than me, making and chatting about SU...Bliss. Our fair went really well with everyone enjoying the games and the sunshine. The Fire Engine was a big hit and we had so many cakes it was ridiculous.
    On to New Parent Tea on the Field Tuesday and Wednesday!

  3. hi bridget,
    really pleased the fete went well so sorry i missed it as im ashamed to say i forgot about it,hope to see you at carboot tomorrow
    take care sharon x


Is there anyone out there? Your comments let me know that I am not alone in my 'happy space' - which is very reassuring. Thank you.