Thursday, 8 April 2010

Exciting News About Our New Colour Collections

Yes, it's exciting but also bittersweet - don't you think that sometimes change can be a little like that?

Exciting to think of the new possibilities that lie ahead but only natural to feel unsure about how things will be in the future and will it still be for you - particularly when you love the way it already is.

If you've been following the news on the Stampin' Up! forums you'll know that change is in the air - hmmmm exciting but bittersweet - see what I mean.

But this is REALLY GOOD and the changes will help to bring all the Stampin' Up! family into line - ie we'll be in line with America and Australia - all our paper colours will be the same - yes, that means In-Colors too!!!

Our Stampin' Up! Colour Families will be known as Collections - containing the most popular colours and some new exciting additions, a little colour hopping from one group to another shall we say!! Take a look at the photo at the top of this post - is your favourite staying or are you going to have to stock up to ensure you still get your colour 'fix'!!

Saying farewell to some will be hard, but saying hello to some new colours will be fun - and, don't panic, we have time - all this will start with our new catalogue in October - so you see plenty of time to stock up on the favourites you know you will miss - you're talking to a paper stroker here - and I KNOW I am not alone lol.


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