Friday, 25 May 2012

Starting the Day ..................

...................... in a gentler way through the words of Kathleen Partridge (1942)

Wasted Worth

I wouldn't be a miser with a lonely
secret hoard and nobody to join with me in
spending what I'd stored. I wouldn't care
for treasures just to count what I possessed,
if nobody enjoyed them too and shared no
interest. For lovely things are lonely things
if wasted and unused, just tucked away in
cotton-wool for fear they should be bruised.
Not in having, but in sharing, does the
spice of life depend. The richest person in
the world is poor without a friend.

........having reconnected with two friends this week the words were very apt, it is so easy to let the weeks slip by and I am guilty of that and I'm working on it - and now seeing  a lovely group of crafters tomorrow makes our shared interests and time together so brilliant.

Have a lovely weekend, it promises to be a sunny one.


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