Saturday, 5 May 2012

Reflecting on life .....

............ it's never an easy thing to do, to admit that some aspects of your plan for 2012 are not turning out how you would have hoped and that you have failed to keep juggling the balls and they are now hitting you well and truly on the head !!!!

On some fronts it's fab - namely I have had a job since the beginning of the year working for a great company, with lovely work colleagues - so huge tick there!!

On the blog front not so fab - in fact pretty dismal - but this I can begin to rectify - it truly isn't that I no longer craft it's just that for the last few months I haven't put my projects on my blog for all to share.

On the Stampin' Up! crafting front again not so fab - I have scaled down my commitments and cancelled my stamping classes as my time is now not so flexible but I have managed to keep in touch with those crafty friends that I see thro' in-home workshops and my monthly scrapbook class but sadly some I haven't seen for such a long time and that is one huge regret.

So I am taking this Bank Holiday to rethink and reflect and make the necessary adjustments which I shall be working on over the next four months - these will hopefully see me more established in my new job ( yes, I'm studying again which I love) being able to report that I have an up-to-date blog and having reconnected with some dear friends that I have missed seeing very much - achievable aims I feel - and now that I have written them down they have become my on-going resolutions.

On the Stampin' Up! front I have put the lovely new Summer Mini on the sidebar - so do click on the cover and have a peek - I have the Open Sea stamp set and the gorgeous stamp set Apothecary Art that matches the framelits for the Big Shot - not managed to acquire those just yet - I'd like to attempt something with the material although I'm not really sure what just yet I'll have to put my thinking cap on!!

Bridgette x

I will share with you a passage from a little book by Kathleen Partridge, it would have cost one shilling and threepence to buy in 1942 and I love reading it very much for the gentle words of wisdom contained within its pages.
This particular passage is called Staying Power.

When enthusiasm flags, when early zest for work is stale, when inspiration wearies and when resolutions fail, as they are apt to do after the first fine glowing start, this is the hour for steady purpose and philosophy of heart.  All ventures rise with rosy dreams then wear a little thin and when the newness goes, the weakest think of giving in.  The veil has flown, here is the reality with glamour gone, the test of grit and courage proving who dare to carry on.

Kathleen Partridge 1942

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  1. Lovely verse and very apt for me at times too, looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday and looking forward to seeing your blog in the future, hugs Sara xx


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