Sunday, 24 April 2011

Happy Easter to you all ......

...... I've been meaning to show you this for a little while - cute isn't it?

A lovely mummy hen ( stuffed with a Cadbury's creme egg, thank you Barbara ) sitting on some smaller chocolate eggs, nestled in dried grasses from 'my field' at the side of the house.

John and I were paper weaving and making the boater, inking and distressing it, beribboning it with Certainly Celery grosgrain ribbon - distressed of course!! and we were very pleased with the result - and yes, he won first prize at school in the Easter Bonnet category!!

Thank you for dropping by - hoping you are enjoying the lovely weather - see you soon - Bridgette

PS Surprise, surprise Kirsty the creme egg is still intact, but for how much longer? Just to explain, Kirsty makes delicious cakes which I find very difficult to share (smile) - chocolate is also another weakness of mine.


  1. Well done to you both your hard work has paid off, it's gorgeous! No wonder it won! That's certainly will power that the creme egg's still there, I don't think I would have had that much restraint!
    Love Nicola xxx

  2. its fabulous. hugs chris xx

  3. Bridgette you are so very clever, this has to be the most fabulous Easter creation I have seen, BRAVO to you and no wonder you have won!! amazing well done you, hugs xxx

  4. Wow, I wouldn`t show that much restraint with chocolate around, hats off to you ! This is a great project and very worthy of being the winner, hugs Sara xx


Is there anyone out there? Your comments let me know that I am not alone in my 'happy space' - which is very reassuring. Thank you.