Sunday, 2 August 2009

Can you hear that sound? .........

No? I'll tell you - it's me laughing!!!!
This little card has ended up looking absolutely nothing like it was meant to - has that ever happened to you? Well, I thought I would let you see it anyway - you can share my 'pain' lol
If it is sending your eyes 'wappy' then I apologise - the background stamp went wonky and I'd already tried it on the other side in Rose Red - so it had to be used 'on the slosh' so to speak. Just don't like wasting cardstock.

I kinda like the little 'card candy' - it's cute, but hey - where was it taking me? You see, I had tried to break out of my simple 'offerings' to you for something a little more adventurous but look what you've ended up looking at!! That's right, my simple offering.

I'm still laughing, honestly, if only you could see my desk and the remnents of the cards that might have been.

Hope your not too disappointed and I've managed to make you smile at my efforts.


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  1. Hey Bridgette - I really like your 'simple' offering hun!! I know I can relate to having created a card that looked nothing like it should have done heh heh - I am sure others do to!


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