Sunday, 17 May 2009

A Thank You for Sally .....

Now Sally as you may recall is my upline and is in the throes of a house move - scheduled for the next two weeks - now our hearts must go out to her because she has had to pack away all her lovely crafting equipment, but it so happened that during this time I was able to help her with one of her parties for one of my friends and she was so generous to me I had to thank her in a special way - if you go to her blog at she has now mentioned the surprise so I can now reveal what it was - a turquoise watch that she had admired some time earlier made by Aimee - Aimee's blog can be found at and showcases some of her other pieces of handcrafted jewellery.

Aimee and I had to employ a very devious tactic - I bear full responsibility, Aimee is far too sweet to do this - we said that Aimee needed help with research for a line of jewellery she was thinking of producing but wanted a sample of wrist sizes to compare against the average of
7 1/2" - well, Sally was so busy that she didn't respond straight away and had to be gently nudged by email lol.

I'm sure you will agree Aimee is very talented and besides producing the watch for Sally she enclosed a gorgeous pair of earrings and cute Thank You card for me - how kind is that?

So Sally, please remember - you deserved this surprise and it was my pleasure to be able to do it for you but it couldn't have been accomplished without Aimee's help - and we are all wishing you and your family a swift and trouble free move when it finally arrives and much happiness in your new home.



  1. Sally must be a very special lady indeed - how thoughtful of your Bridgette & yes, Aimee is incredibly talented! A lovely post, thanks for sharing :) Hugs, Stephanie xxx

  2. lovely watch sally is very lucky

  3. That's lovely Bridgette - how kind of you.

    Glad things are going well - thank goodness it's half-term next week, might catch up with everything and everybody then.

    Love Anne x


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