Saturday, 18 April 2009

Crafting, Cake & Coffee ... a winning combination

It was lovely to gather with friends on Friday night for that winning combination of the 3 C's - I was going initially to be a part of the party but following a request from Sally, my upline, I was given the fantastic opportunity to run the event in her place for my friend Louise, what faith they both had in me and I hope I have not let either of them down.

It was also part of our Stampers 10 Club so practically all of the faces were familiar to me and I knew they were a good group of crafters - all accomplished - so I thought four notelets with decorated envelopes would be fun to do - one representing each of the SU colour families - using different stamp sets, wheels and punches - it worked - each basket of goodies moving clockwise round the room as each group completed its card.

I must say we were sustained by the thought of Louise's baking prowess - yummy cakes - and I thought it only fair to show a photograph of one of these beauties kindly given to me by Louise to take home for my little boy John - I had to take a picture before he ate it to prove that I didn't munch it on the way home lol. Believe me he was stood just to the side of me - it's a wonder I didn't capture his hand in the photograph as he made for the chocolate buttons!
So my thanks again to Sally and Louise for the opportunity to share my love of Stampin' Up! with all my friends, old and new, and shamelessly promote what I love to do - you guessed it - it's craft.



  1. I can confidently say that you did not let anyone down, even though I wasn't there! You're so lucky to be able get together with like minded people & enjoy your hobby :) x

  2. Hi! How lovely your notelets are, sounds like you all had a lovely evening and Louise's cakes just look so yummy!So happy it went well for you Bridgette.See you soon,Hugs Lou.xx

  3. OOH Lovely notelets and cake! Sounds like my kind of evening!!! That butter icing was thick...cor.

  4. Thanks for a great evening Bridgette everthing was so well organized and the notelets were fun to do and the gift you made me was lovely, I showed hubby when I got home and he was impressed.

  5. Hi Bridgette,
    Your notelets are beautiful! They look so well fitting together! Very stylish (dunno if that is the right word in English :o)
    X, Ava


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