Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Last Chance List is here .....Going, going, then most definitely gone !!!!

Oh my, I'm not the most technically minded but I have managed to put the Last Chance List on here, yeah .... and if you click on the image it will take you to the screen giving details of all the retiring stock.

Please take a look just incase your favourite, that you haven't managed to buy from your Wish List, is amongst their number - you may also be lucky and find that it is reduced by up to 50% and in other cases by 25% - take a peek - all the other stamp sets are at their original catalogue price but, let me hear you say it girls - you and the stamp sets are worth it !!!

I'm just quickly finishing some little Thank You cards this time in Handsome Hunter not Ballet Blue - it's because I managed to use all my small blue buttons and now it's the turn of the little green guys.

I'll photograph this colourway tomorrow and let you have a look to compare it to the blue way.

Busy, busy today - I am attempting to clear the garage for the winter and thought I would do a car boot - well, it was full, yes, no more cars allowed onto the field and that was just before 10.30 am ( it doesn't start 'til midday !!!! ) so I drove home - and attacked the cleaning of the house, mmmm I thought I better make some progress somewhere - after three hours it definitely looked better.


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